Cannamedical Indica Classic

Cannamedical Indica Classic

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Master Kush was first bred by the Dutch White Label Seed Company in Amsterdam. It was created by crossing two landrace strains of cannabis from the Hindu Kush region.


Every 10g batch of Cannamedical Indica Classic PT targets a THC level of 20.2% and a CBD level of less than 1%. This is a high THC potency and therefore it might not be suitable for inexperienced medical cannabis users. That being said, the decision will be in the hands of a medical professional. They will consider the patient’s illness and symptoms and then make a professional assessment as to the strength and type of medical cannabis treatment.


Storing your cannabis product correctly will prolong its life. Keep it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. It’s essential to keep this product (and any cannabinoid product) out of the reach of children and animals.

Dosing guidelines

The guidance provided here is not intended to be medical advice – patients will discuss their dosage guidelines with a medical professional independently before beginning their treatment.

As the product remains in its flower form, patients have more freedom of choice when it comes to taking it. Inhalation is a popular method for its simplicity and fast onset time. Scientific research has demonstrated that compounds inhaled via the lungs can take effect quickly – between 5-10 minutes. The duration of action can last for up to 2-4 hours.

This product can also be administered orally, through food or drink. The onset time for this is a lot longer than inhalation, as it can take between 1-2 hours to feel any benefit. However, the duration of action can last for 10 hours which will be helpful for patients needing extended relief.

Lab testing

Lab testing is a vital aspect of ensuring that any product that hits the market is safe. This means that the patient is confident in the safety of their treatment but also armed with the knowledge of the exact ingredients that have been included in the product. Cannamedical adheres to GMP guidelines, otherwise known as Good Manufacturing Practice. They also have their GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificate.


This product description is intended to provide information on Cannamedical Indica Classic PT treatment for patients. The current body of research into the purported benefits of medical cannabis is promising, however, it’s necessary for more peer-reviewed literature to be published. This could help to determine a set of guidelines and dosages for specific medical disorders.

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