420 Natural 20/1 CA

420 Natural 20/1 CA

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The creation of the Gorilla Glue strain occurred by crossing Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister. The name was actually coined due to the way that the buds stuck to the breeders fingers. This is a Hybrid strain of medical cannabis, which means the strain contains both Sativa and Indica genetics.


420 Natural 20/1 CA can be purchased in a variety of quantities. The container contains the whole dried plant flower that can be prepared using a grinder. Each batch targets a THC level of 18.7% and a CBD level of less than 0.11%.

The buds are dark green on the outside and a lighter green on the inside. The flowers are covered by white trichomes in addition to amber pistils. The smell is earthy, woody, and sweet, making the fragrance of this strain very distinctive.

There’s a variety of terpenes included in this strain: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, Humulene, and Linalool. The terpenes help to contribute to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. For example, evidence has demonstrated the Pinene terpene to boast anti-cancer properties, with the ability to increase alertness and focus and assist in the process of retaining memories more effectively. When terpenes work together with the other compounds in the cannabis plant (cannabinoids and flavonoids) it strengthens the theory of the entourage effect. This is the theory that the compounds work better together in synergy. The whole plant is also the most natural form of cannabis and CBD use, as the plant is primarily left in its natural form.

How to Use


Storing your cannabis product correctly will prolong its life. Keep it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. It’s essential to keep this product (and any cannabinoid product) out of the reach of children and animals.

Dosing guidelines

The guidance provided here is not intended to be medical advice – patients will discuss their dosage guidelines with a medical professional independently before beginning their treatment.

Even if the user is experienced in the area of medical cannabis treatment, it’s advisable that they begin with a low dosage. This will be discussed at a medical appointment with the patient’s physician, as they will best advise you on what suits your condition. The patient can administer the product in two ways, through inhalation or by adding it to food or drink.

Lab Reports

Four 20 Pharma prides itself on being a reliable and safe company for patients to purchase their medical cannabis from.

Established in 2018, they are fully GMP and GDP certified. The products that they sell undergo vigorous testing procedures, including third-party lab testing.


None of the information in the above product description should be regarded as medical advice or treatment. All of the information pertaining to the potential medical benefits of cannabis is based on anecdotal data and further scientific investigation is needed.

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