Tilray THC25 – 25:0 THC extract

Tilray THC25 - 25:0 THC extract

Product details:

Each of Tilray’s THC25 30ml bottles follows a 25:0 ratio in favour of THC. This results in a formulation that equates to <26.6mg/ml of THC and <1.1mg/ml of CBD, but levels can vary slightly depending on the batch. Overall, the product aims to contain 750mg of THC at a percentage concentration of 2.5%. Each bottle includes a graduated marked dropper to ensure accuracy with dosing. The carrier oil is coconut oil, which is a great option for CBD and THC oils due to the inclusion of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Our bodies find it easier to break down this type of oil, which results in faster absorption and higher bioavailability. The product is completely natural including its flavouring, so it is recommended that if you don’t like the flavour of hemp you infuse the product with food or a beverage.

When first using Tilray’s THC25 oil, the patient should take a small dose and wait for 90 minutes for the product to take effect, but the patient must consider that it could take longer for peak effects. The duration of action is expected to be between 8-12 hours for a first-time user. Scientific research suggests that oral consumption is long-lasting, predictable and slow-acting.

In accordance with Tilray’s dosage guidelines, oral ingestion is expected to reach the onset time within 1-2 hours and the duration of action will last between 6-10 hours. In comparison to the method of inhalation – it is expected that the onset time will take 5-10 minutes and the duration of action will be between 2-4 hours.

Tilray has recently reduced the volume of THC25 from 40 ml to 30 ml to adjust to new regulations set by Health Canada. 

Lab reports:

All Tilray products undergo full-proof toxicology testing to ensure that the extracts are void of any harmful metals, chemicals or other ingredients. Because of this immense attention to detail, Tilray extracts and flowers are considered to be some of the safest and most effective products on the market. They make sure that each batch of extract or flower undergo extensive in-house testing to certify that each product that meets the end-consumer is of the highest quality. To provide legitimacy to its in-house testing, Tilray also employs third-party lab testing across every batch. This ensures the customer can trust and rely upon the safety and legitimacy of Tilray medical cannabis products.

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