Aphria Strong 9

Aphria Strong 9

Product details


This strain comes from Canada, and it is believed to be a phenotype of the White Widow strain of medical cannabis.


Every 10g batch of Aphria Strong 9 targets a THC level of 19.7% and a CBD level of 2%. The containers are filled with the whole, dried plant flower. In terms of its appearance, the buds are dense and green. The flowers give off a pleasant herbal and citrus scent.

It has been reported that this strain’s terpene profile scores higher for beta-caryophyllene. This terpene is well-known for its analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties. There’s also some research to suggest that it holds anti-arthritic properties.


Storing your cannabis product correctly will prolong its life. Keep it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. It’s essential to keep this product (and any cannabinoid product) out of the reach of children and animals.

Dosing guidelines

The guidance provided here is not intended to be medical advice – patients will discuss their dosage guidelines with a medical professional independently before beginning their treatment.

Patients can choose how to consume Aphria Strong 9. Some people will prefer to vape or smoke it, which produces fast-acting effects. Others will prefer to mix the flowers with their food or drink, although it will take longer to feel the effects of the treatment. The onset time can be affected by a range of factors, such as height, weight, body fat percentage, and the patient’s metabolism. Patients can discuss these influences with their doctor if they have any questions.

Lab testing

Aphria ensures that all of its products undergo all the necessary testing. Third-party lab testing ensures that the products they sell to patients are safe, free from unwanted chemicals and pesticides and that the company has been transparent about its ingredient list. This means that users can feel confident in their treatment, and comforted in the knowledge that it has gone through extensive testing procedures.


The information in this product description has been based on the readings of the current literature. Scientific research into medical cannabis is still in its infancy, and further peer-reviewed literature is needed. If any patients require any further information, then they should contact a legitimate medical professional. This ensures that they will receive the correct information from scientific sources.

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