Bedrocan THC 22% | CBD <1.0%

Bedrocan THC 22% | CBD <1.0%

Product details

The Bedrocan plant variety has 22% THC and lower than 1% CBD. It is available in ‘flos’ form (the whole dried, female plant). The product has a relatively balanced terpene profile of 5mg myrcene, 5mg terplnolene, 3.5mg cls-oclmene, 2mg alpha-guaiene, 2mg gamma-cadinene, 2mg trans-bergamotene, 2mg trans-beta-farnesene per gram of flower. Terpenes – naturally occurring compounds that are responsible for the smell and taste of plants – show evidence in early scientific research of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, analgesic and sedative effects. Although research is in its preliminary stage, results also suggest that terpenes work together with cannabinoids synergistically to produce more beneficial, long-lasting and potent effects for the patient. 

Bedrocan avoids milling and blending strains with different cannabinoid content. While milling and blending can afford accuracy in THC and CBD content, it fails to produce consistency in other cannabinoids and the terpene profile. Bedrocan’s method provides unrivalled accuracy in cannabinoid and terpene profile, meaning the final product meets the same high standards expected for traditional prescription medicines.

Patients can either administer the product through inhalation or orally in food and drink. It is recommended that users start on a low dosage for a week and assess the results. Over time, the patient can slowly increase the dose until they find their optimal level. If the product is used orally, the patient can expect an onset time between 1-2 hours and a duration of action of 6-10 hours. Patients can expect a much faster onset time of around 5-10 minutes with a shorter duration of action of 2-4 hours when consuming the product via inhalation.

Lab testing

Bedrocan understands the importance of lab testing and follows a strict process to ensure each batch of medical cannabis is up to standard. As soon as the plant is harvested, the product is sent to a specialised, third-party laboratory (LAB OFICHEM) for extensive toxicology testing to check for harmful substances such as pesticides, heavy metals and other pathogens. The product is also tested for its cannabinoid and terpene profiles to ensure that Bedrocan products always have the correct levels of each active ingredient and the same composition. Bedrocan does not release batches of medical cannabis until they have been fully approved by the independent laboratory. This endeavour for accuracy provides patients with the confidence they need to start using medical cannabis.

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